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Re-mapping issues within SRD's?


MPS SRD Quick Edit - Using



The SRD Quick Edit is designed to help developers of Service Requests quickly add in additional questions, text and values to existing mappings.  Reduce the design and deployment cycle by being able to quickly update existing SRD mappings.


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Question Tab 900


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How does it work?

By allowing the SRD developer to see the user and system mappings, questions, text and other values can be mapped into existing variable definitions without the need to fully re-map the variables from the beginning, thus reducing SRD design and deployment times. 


Key features and benefits


  • Quickly re-map existing SRD variable definitions by inserting new or missing text and questions
  • Obtain key system values for defined questions for use in the variable mappings
  • Sorted tree listing of all SRD's in the system, allowing easy SRD selection
  • View key data related to mappings and the associated SRD


Where's the value?

By allowing SRD developers access to the correct fields, you obtain value in:

  • Increased productivity for designing and deploying Service Request Definitions and requestable offerings
  • Reducing re-design and update times on complex SRD mappings
  • Reducing time to deployment

** New **

Download an Evaluation Version:

MPS SRD Quick Edit Evaluation Version


Evaluation Notes:

NOTE:  The evaluation version limited to 10 mapping updates.

 The package is supplied with workflow locked in blocks as "Hidden" and "Read Only". 

** It is strongly recommended to take a Database backup of your environment BEFORE installing the evaluation if you plan on using the full version of this integration at a later stage on the target environment**

Please select the correct version that matches your SRM Installation - there is an evaluation version for SRM 7.6 and SRM 7.6.x/8.x. 


Maximise your development time today.   Contact us to purchase a copy:


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£150 GBP / $225 USD

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