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 Have you just restored a backup database image from another environment?


It is now becoming a quite common practise for customers to take a Production environment database backup (or another environment) and restore this image to a secondary environment such as Training, Development, Pre-Production, QA, etc thus refreshing the environment. 
This allows for up-to-date data to be available from the Production environment to the underlying environment for development and testing purposes, thus aligning all of the customer environments with the latest date reducing potential conflicts when developing or testing.
During this procedure, AR System references need to be updated to reflect the target environment replacing the original source references.  These references can be time consuming to update, and one or more references can be easily missed.
Take the manual steps out of this process by using the MPS AR Remedy Restore Tool to update these references automatically and utilise the advanced features to update individual references and links.




How does it work?

By utilising the AR API functions, server references can be updated automatically and consistently.  As a standalone windows program, users can enter the required information to be updated across a  number of environments.

The tool does not limit the number of environments that can be updated and allows a Remedy Administrator to manage more than one environment centrally.

Users can also choose which references they require to be updated, and only update these references by selecting the required options.  Alternately, an Administrator can also update multiple values in a single run.


Key features and benefits

  • "Simulate" all activities and see the results before applying any permanent updates to an environment - allowing the Administrator to correct the reference before applying permanently.  No limit to the number of simulation runs - The "Individual Settings" values can be adjusted (once generated - on the first execution), to see what the results will be before applying (per environment selected in the configuration).  These values are saved when existing the program, allowing the Administrator to re-use for the next restore without having to regenerate.
  • Automate AR Server reference updates quickly and efficiently
  • Supports Load Balanced configurations in environments
  • Standalone windows program that can be run on a single machine with visibility to multiple AR Server environments i.e. can be executed against multiple environment from the one location
  • Individually selectable configuration options allow the user to control what references to update at any time
  • Supports Server Group environments, or a single server environments
  • Individual references can be updated by correcting/adjusting the system generated entries (Individual Settings tab)  - the application will generate the individual references during the first simulation run, these values (when updated) will be used by the program and can be adjusted once generated
  • Purge Data - Purge ITSM and AR transactional data
  • Update System Application Passwords
  • Direct SQL - Run SQL commands to update and view data (** Please use with extreme care due **)
  • New Wizard simplifies initial configuration for new users


Will it support my ITSM deployment?

The product supports ARS/ITSM 7.x.x, 8.x.x and 9.x.x based platforms.  Updates will be periodically available moving forward to support new versions of Remedy.

Application configuration settings allow the user to individually control what references are updated, based on the installed applications for the environment.


Where's the value?

By automating the updating process, AR Administrators can have consistent results when refreshing environments and utilise their time for more critical task and issues by reducing the number of DB scripts required to perform the updates.

This product is is not related and supplied by any BMC Partner, and the original version is exclusively via this company.  

By purchasing a license, you can make use of the Pro features listed below and also license my AR Log Analyser Tool on the same machine (interchangeable license).


** Remedy Restore Tool has gone Pro - it s no longer a "free download" [Pro licensing requires a small license fee] **


Professional Features



The licensed tool includes the following features:

  • Ability to save session settings per Environment and switch between Environments
  • Run the tool from the command line using switches to load previously saved settings for an Environment - thus being able to "script" the updating of the references


Pro License Price (license per machine - no limit to environments that the machine can access):

Please enter the ProcessorID as shown in the "About" screen along with the name of the person to register the application to.


  UK Buyers - £30 GBP

User Name


  US Buyers - $50 USD  

User Name


Please Note: The download link to the free version has now been removed, this is now a paid for application that attracts a "very small on off license" fee to obtain and use, so as to fund the continuing development of this application.


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