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License information for Missing Pieces products

The following products require a valid application license for continued use.  We endeavour to provide our products fully working, or fully working with volume limitations so customers can make an informed evaluation before purchasing the associated license.  We believe that this leads to customer satisfaction by being able to evaluate the product to see if suits their business needs.


AR License Management

The MPS AR License Management application is supplied with a "Trial" license which is valid for calculating license and trending statistics for up to 20 Users. 


AR Log File Analyser

The MPS AR Log File Analyser Enterprise program is supplied fully working for 30 days.  Once the 30 day trial period has expired, a license is required to restore functionality. 

The following products require a full license for program operation:


AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning

The MPS AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning application requires a full working license. 


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