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Experiencing slow Mid Tier performance with your 64Bit Mid Tier installation?

Are you running a 64Bit Mid Tier and JVM and experiencing slow response times opening pages or navigating through the consoles for your ITSM 7.5, 7.6, 7.6.x or 8.x installation? 

The AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning application has been designed to optimise the AR Mid Tier server settings based on the JVM allocated memory for the Mid Tier platform

Extensive research has been performed to determine the correct values for optimising your 64Bit based Mid Tier installation, and by using the AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning application you can achieve significant performance increases to your Mid Tier platform.    This leads to satisfied end users, managers and support staff receiving less calls regarding performance allowing them to perform and function more efficiently.




How does it work?

By utilising the information gained through extensive research into the Mid Tier performance, the AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning application applies the correct settings based on your allocated JVM memory.

By updating the configuration settings file with the correct information for your environment, the application will then automatically apply the correct setting for optimum performance.


Key features and benefits

  • ** Comes with comprehensive JVM tuning instructions and recommended parameters **
  • ** Consolidates all the available information on Mid Tier performance tuning into the one simple tool, taking the confusion out of differing values from different sources, applying the correct settings and values based on your environment **
  • Automation of updating the AR Mid Tier configuration settings based on optimal values taking out the guessing game associated with peformance the Mid Tier for optimal performance
  • Increase performance of your Mid Tier platform by tuning using proven and highly researched settings
  • * Unlock hidden settings, not documented, for improved performance
  • Attachment support optimisation
  • Take advantage of the increased memory available for 64Bit JVM's by applying optimal settings for the AR Mid Tier
  • Platform independent application execution
  • Satisfied end users, customers, managers and support staff
  • Low cost
  • Fast execution


Will it support my ITSM deployment?

The product supports ITSM 7.5 or 7.6.x 64Bit based Mid Tier platform installations.

The application configuration settings file allows for re-use of the required settings across multiple Mid Tier servers.


Where's the value?

By automating the updating process, AR Administrators can take the pain out of the trial and error method of performance tuning.

Take advantage of applying the knowledge gained through extensive testing for optimal Mid Tier settings.  The supplied JVM tuning documents unlocks the mysteries surrounding 64bit JVM's for even greater performance.  

This leads to satisfied end users, managers and support staff.

Maximise your performance today.  Contact us to purchase a copy:

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Price (licensed per Company, multiple use across servers):

£100 GBP / $150 USD

MPS: depended on by customers around the world

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