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The AR Licensing Management application is designed to track AR User and ITSM Application based licenses to provide Real-Time, Historical and Concurrent Trending statistics and usage.

AR System Trending

How does it work?

By analysing the results produced using the OOB reports and collected data, companies can understand the license usage and trending of the AR System and ITSM Applications (including RKM, SRM and Work Order Management), to make informed decisions on how best to allocate licenses to users.  Take the "guess work" out of license ratio's by using accurate data to show the usage and trending. 

You can view the license usage for each user for given time period which will determine where users have been allocated licenses but never utilise or access the applications, allowing for re-allocation and improved distribution the installed licenses.

We understand the importance of data security to a company, which is why the AR Licensing Management application is installed, configured and executed on the customer's environment.

As an active solution and not passive, we provide real-time and historical license usage results in addition to real-time and historical concurrent trending and license consumption results.

Many current tools available only provide historical license usage data, and we believe the additional functionality and results provided are essential to making the best informed decision surrounding licensing by providing the data necessary to make that decision.


Key features and benefits

  • Active, not passive, solution showing 'Real-Time' license usage and trending along with historical results
  • Specifically designed to support AR Server Groups displaying license usage and trending results across the entire Server Group environment
  • ** Can record license usage for SRM and Work Order Management through supplied add-on **
  • ** Can record license usage for Knowledge Management through supplied add-on **
  • Java based application supporting multiple platforms using the AR System Java API
  • Configurable application settings for each product feature
  • "Snapshots" feature for current (real-time) and historical license trending
  • Configurable setting allows for "AR Server" only license statistics
  • "Run" mode setting determines program operation without the need to exit program
  • Results stored in AR System allowing for use third party reporting systems or inbuilt AR Reporting
  • Integrated with the popular SSO Plugin solution from Java System Solutions.
  • Designed to meet security compliance within enterprise organisations


 Application Features

MPS License Analyser

Other Products

Historical License Data

Yes Yes

Active (Real-time) License Data

Yes No

Native AR System based Solution using the AR API

Yes No

Requires system Log Files to generate results

No Yes

AR System Licenses Results

Yes Yes

SRM and Work Order Management Licenses Results

Yes No

Knowledge Management Licenses Results

Yes No


Will it work in my environment?

Supports the BMC AR System Server version 7.x and above, on all BMC supported platforms.


Will it support my ITSM deployment?

The product supports ITSM 7.x and above based platforms. For integration with earlier versions, please contact us for additional information.

The application configuration settings allow for non ITSM based solutions with the ability to track AR System licenses across custom or bespoke AR System applications.


Where's the value?

By providing license usage and trending information, informed decisions can be made with respect to licensing needs and allocations including:

  • Save thousands of $$ on new license costs by re-allocating your current licenses for maximum gain 
  • Efficient use of current license allocations
  • Determine where re-allocation of AR System and ITSM Application licenses can occur before purchasing additional licenses
  • Predict future license needs and allocations by analysing current trending and usage results allowing for more efficient license purchases
  • Maintain license compliance within BMC's licensing models
  • Improve your current Floating license allocation ratio's e.g. 4/1, 5/1, etc using the included comprehensive reports


Example Reports:

The following Report shows where Users are a potential for a "Floating" License due to limited time using a "Fixed" license: 


Bottom 25 Fixed

AR System User - Bottom 25 Fixed Licenses by Usage

IM Hourly Trending

Incident Management - Hourly Trending

CM Hourly Trending

Change Management - Hourly Trending

Contact us for pricing information.


** New **

MPS AR License Management now supports the collection of data from Remedy Knowledge Management 7.6.03 and higher.  Obtain statistics on license usage and trending for RKM for addtional value add and to determine the correct allocation and number of licenses required.


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MPS AR License Management Solution Datasheet
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MPS AR License Management
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MPS AR License Management Installation
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