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Experiencing Performance Issues?


The AR Log File Analyser Enterprise program is designed to aid Developers, Remedy Administrators and Management in identifying workflow issues by analysing results from log files generated from the AR System.

It is optimised to analyse "user" based logs from Remedy e.g. Enable logging for the users profile and quickly analyse the results of the logging window.


Thread Statistics


How does it work?

The program can be used to analyse a single log file, or combine multiple log files by timestamps for analysis.  Originally designed to analyse User Tool log files and extended into analysing server side logging.

It provides detailed, accurate and concise information in an easy to view format surrounding timing, errors, SQL qualification errors and other relevant information for performance tuning and fault finding. This greatly reduces the time required to identify system, workflow and performance issues.

Workflow can be easily identified through the use of colour masks, default colour highlighting and with the included search features.

Additional powerful search capabilities allow users to "jump" from the detailed results to the Raw Log File, aiding in fully identifying the associated workflow from the analysed results.

Additional functionality allows for extracting workflow from Server Log files by User or by provided specific search string.  This allows only the required log information to be analysed, thus speeding up the process. 

NOTE ** It is not intended for use on very large log files i.e. > 100MB, but does include a feature to split larger files into smaller pieces for faster analysis **


Key features and benefits


  • Scratch pad area allows you to paste in log file snippets for analysis - used with the "logging window" when user logging in enabled in Remedy
  • Scratch pad tab can copy in the user logging window for quick analysis of the transactions
  • Combine multiple log files by timestamp for analysis
  • Separate tabs to display analysed results producing clearer results
  • Thread, Queue and Transaction statistics including summary and table views (exportable)
  • Top "N" Transaction times display - configurable
  • Colour masks for easy identification of workflow and transaction types
  • Accurate timing information for analysed workflow
  • Transaction errors displayed showing workflow issues
  • Ability to capture IE browser workflow logging for analysis
  • Split larger log files into smaller files for analysis
  • Advanced search features allow you to load in log entries by user name or a specified search string
  • Updated for Remedy 9.x


Where's the value?

By analysing log files, performance increases and troublesome workflow can be identified:

  • Identify long running queries and optimise for performance
  • Identify workflow errors and failures
  • Tune the system for optimum performance
  • Search log files for specific workflow and show breakout points






Analysed Log File


Download a 30 day fully functional trial today:

Download - MPS AR Log File Analyser


Price (license per machine):

£50 GBP / $75 USD


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