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Looking for an email to ITSM integration for your AR System?

MPS AR Email to ITSM Integration - Using

Many customers experience the frustration of only being able to create Incidents or update ITSM Application requests via email by using pre-formatted templates.  This information needs to be populated in a specific format and the appropriate permissions and settings included within the pre-formatted template within the received email.  Experience show that this makes integrating with AR System from a third party quite cumbersome via email.

By using the MPS Email to ITSM Integration, customers can utilise a configurable integration framework to either create Incidents or update existing ITSM requests.


How does it work?

By incorporating a workflow framework, configuration forms and an Email Integration Console, customers can benefit from not having to use pre-formatted templates and having control over who and what type of emails can create an Incident or update an existing ITSM request.

Incoming emails are validated against User data and exclusion / inclusion rules to determine the appropriate actions to be performed.  This functionality eliminates incorrect Incident creation based on SPAM, Out of Office notifications, automated replies, etc.

Full control of the integration is achieved through configuration rules / lists, and existing AR System data e.g. People /User information.


Key features and benefits

  • Automation of Incident creation through incoming email messages
  • Apply automated routing, and default values, via email address aliasing for creation of new Incidents
  • Update existing ITSM Application requests, including Work Order Management, through incoming email messages
  • Configurable inclusion / exclusion rules for full control of email validation
  • Validation of email addresses ensures control over who can perform request creation or updates maintaining your companies security model
  • Supports attachments to Work Info entries from incoming emails
  • Email Integration console shows status of processed and non processed email messages including detailed error messages
  • Access to email integration controlled through AR Permissions
  • Customers can now simply reply to AR Notifications to update existing request
  • Pure ARS workflow based implementation, allowing you to extend the functionality to meet your business requirements


Will it support my ITSM deployment?

This product supports ITSM 7.x installations.


Where's the value?

By automating the creation and updating of ITSM requests via email, customers no longer have to rely on other manual methods to receive crucial information regarding request creation or updates. 

Extend your system to include an additional integration method using the AR Email system.

Free up support staff from phone calls or manually processing request creation or updates.


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Download Solution Datasheet:

MPS AR Email to ITSM Integration Solution Datasheet

** New **

Download an Evaluation Version:

MPS AR Email to ITSM Integration Evaluation Version

Evaluation Notes:

The evaluation version is supplied with workflow locked in blocks as "Hidden" and "Read Only". 

** It is strongly recommended to take a Database backup of your environment BEFORE installing the evaluation if you plan on using the full version of this integration at a later stage on the target environment **

All Notifications are enabled by default to demonstrate what is available with the integration.  These Notifications cannot be updated or disabled.

There is no Work Order Management workflow included in the evaluation version for Work Order updates (due to not all customers having SRM), but is included in the full version as an add-on.





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