AR License Management

IM Hourly Trending Small

The AR Licensing Management Application is designed to track AR User and ITSM Application based licenses to provide historical, real-time and concurrent trending statistics.

Maximise your current license pool by identifying incorrectly allocated licenses.  For less than the cost of a standard AR User license, you can potentially save thousands of $$ on new licenses costs.  Improve your Floating license ratios and Fixed licenses without the need to purchase additional licenses.  Clear and detailed reports show you where to maximise your savings.  ** Now supports RKM 7.6.03 or higher **

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AR Email to ITSM Integration


The AR Email to ITSM is a versatile and comprehensive AR System Email integration for your ITSM 7.x Suite.

Update existing requests and create new Incident requests from incoming emails.  Improve customer satisfaction and staff efficiency by providing them with an additional mechanism for interacting with the Service Desk.

Customers can now simply reply to AR based notifications and be assured that their updates, replies and communications are tracked accordingly.

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AR Log File Analyser

AR Log Top 25

The AR Log File Analyser Enterprise program is designed to aid Developers, Remedy Administrators and other Remedy Users in identifying issues by analysing results from log files generated from the AR System.

Having system performance issues? 

Identify system bottlenecks and troublesome workflow.  Display timing information including SQL/API transaction times, thread and queue statistics, transaction errors, SQL qualifications errors and more.


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Missing Pieces Software Solutions



   Missing Pieces Software Solutions is a global company based out of the UK (London)

   providing solutions, add-ons and products to enhance and compliment your existing

   AR System / ITSM implementation.

 We are currently re-branding to "Phoenix Elite Consulting" in 2020 so watch this space and announcements on BMC Communities. 


Utilising experience obtained by working with the world's largest enterprise customers globally, our goal is to provide

the products that the customer requires to fill in the "Missing Pieces" that will complete their solution.


Products are designed and built with the focus on the customer / end user, and leverage knowledge gained from highly

experienced AR Consultants to provide the best quality solutions.


Please see me on the BMC Communities ( as "Carl Wilson" [a top 5 contributor] for updated information and "The Pulse" Posts.


** NOTE: Registration to my site is now closed, this is due to the increasing number of "hacking" attempts.

Please contact me via email to register, which will require validation of credentials.

Sorry for the inconvenience **


AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning


The AR Mid Tier Performance Tuning application is designed to optimise the AR Mid Tier settings for a 64Bit JVM Mid Tier running ITSM 7.5, 7.6, 7.6.x or 8.x.

Experiencing slow response times and page loading?

Increase and maximise the performance of your 64bit Mid Tier by applying the correct settings.  Take the "guessing game" out of performance tuning by utilising the extensive research put into determining the optimal values to apply. 

Unlock hidden (un-documented) settings and improve the performance of your system using this small, fast utility. 

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SRD Quick Edit

MPS SRD Quick Edit 215

The MPS SRD Quick Edit takes the pain out of fully re-mapping your Service Request Definition variables by allowing you to modify your existing mappings.

Do you have large complex mappings that need updating?  

The MPS SRD Quick Edit allows you to insert, update, delete and modify existing variable mappings without the requirement to clear and fully re-map the variable. 

Save time and effort and lower the maintenance overhead for your Service offerings by efficiently providing a method to update and modify existing requests.



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MPS: depended on by customers around the world

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AR Remedy Restore Tool

MPS Remedy Restore Tool v3.0 215x156

The AR Remedy Restore Tool is a free utility designed to ease the pain and associated time of updating AR System references manually after a database restore from another environment.  Quickly automate the manual activities by using this tool.

Update Server references across multiple forms and ITSM applications.

Supports Load Balancer setups and configuration options allow the user to select what references to update.

Supports individual reference updates.


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